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Maui Monthly Photo Challenge: Long Exposure

So, I am a part of this very talented group of Hawaii photographers that do a monthly photo challenge and this is my interpretation of Long Exposure. I had been wanting to photograph, my good friend Melissa, one last time, before she left on her travels, so we did this fun little shoot one night, […]

Maui Oceanfront Marathon: Sneak Peek

Matt running his third marathon and “Chicago” Steve playing the cowbell in support of his wife running 50 marathons in 50 states. Hawaii, Maui is her 37th state! I finally had an opportunity to document an event, just for fun! Check out MEAT (Maui Endurance Adventure Team) for more info and pictures!

Surprise Engagements & Proposals

A marriage proposal is a very special moment. Many may plan for months, picturing the right scenario, and searching for the perfect ring. They imagine what they are going to say, and where they are going to make everything happen. Proposing is a big deal, so they’ll want to make this moment an unforgettable one. […]

Maui Monthly Photo Challenge: Water

I’ve joined a really talented group of Hawaii photographers to do a monthly photo challenge and this month our theme was “water”. I experimented with a few eerie self- portraits and this is what I came up with. Be sure to visit Wendy Laurel’s photography blog to view her beautiful shot of water! I also […]

Maui Monthly Photo Challenge: Negative Space

Negative space is the space around the subject we are photographing. I use negative space in my images to place a stronger emphasis on the subject I’m photographing. Here are a few of my images! The color shots are from my family day in Kula, over the weekend, taken with my Nikon F film camera. […]

First Look, Groom Sees Bride For The First Time

Some couples decide to have a “first look” before their wedding ceremony. Usually, this is done in a private area, away from guests, and is an intimate moment shared just between the bride and groom. I absolutely love photographing these first look moments, especially when a groom sees his bride for the first time. I […]

The Impact of Modern Photography

Photography is an immense part of our lives, even if we are not aware of it. It is the reason mobile phones developed such performant cameras, and the reason the frontal camera appeared on them. We make selfies, take pictures of everything we do, eat, drink or see, to share it on our social networks. […]

My Mother: Connie Prince, the Artist, Dreamer and Inventor

I’ve been thinking about my story and how I came to be a photographer. My story begins with my artist mother, she taught me to appreciate and love all forms of art work. As a child, I first started with drawing and painting, then in high school, I had a taste of photography and instantly […]

Best Places on Maui to Get Married

Are you getting married on Maui? Perhaps on the beach or one of Maui’s many private estates? Maybe you’re planning your dream wedding or eloping in Maui… Either way, if you’re destination wedding includes a simple Maui wedding or you’re searching for the perfect venue to host your marriage, then read on. As a wedding […]

Capturing Life

The best parts of life aren’t staged. When you think back to the times in your life that you were the happiest, was someone telling you where to stand? Of course not. The best times are when we are our most authentic selves, and we’re with people who are their most authentic selves and everything […]

The Best Photos for Profile Pictures

DISCLAIMER: this article is for fun and meant to help you choose the best profile pictures for your online profiles. These rules don’t apply in photography and are meant to be broken. —Sasha Today, the number of photographs taken every two minutes is same as the number of photographs taken by mankind in the 1800s. […]

Q&A with Sasha Prince Photography

What got you started in the photography business in Hawaii? I first started working under another photographer who specialized in weddings. It was kind of a natural progression from working with someone to starting my own business. I built up my knowledge working under someone else and learned the ins-and-outs of the wedding business. How […]

Day-to-Day Loveliness

I visited an old-time friend this week on the Big Island. It’s been 15 years since we’ve seen each-other and what a great felling it was to see her again. She was like a big sister to me in high school and still feels like a big sister. We’d cruise around in her little white […]

Good Old Film Days

I have a couple boxes full of rolls and sleeve’s of film. These images are the only scans I have of my film days. They were all taken before 2001, back when I was studying at Cuyahoga Community college. Most were taken for fun and a couple are assignments. I just loved the beginning of […]

Wedding Photographers Who Travel

I often imagine how breathtaking it would be to shoot an engagement session with the unique colors of Italy or another other European destination in my lens. The thrill of mixing my passion for capturing couples with foreign art venues and cultural scenes sounds amazing! I want to photograph around castles, twisted narrow streets and […]

Sasha Prince Photography Joins The Maui Wedding Association

I’m very excited to become part of the community of Wedding Professionals at Maui Wedding Association! The Mission Statement of Maui Wedding Association is to bring together businesses to promote the advancement of the Maui wedding industry, to offer opportunities for professional growth through education and the sharing of ideas, and to foster a caring […]