Day-to-Day Loveliness

I visited an old-time friend this week on the Big Island. It’s been 15 years since we’ve seen each-other and what a great felling it was to see her again. She was like a big sister to me in high school and still feels like a big sister.

We’d cruise around in her little white car and had many wonderful adventures on that beautiful island. One of which, was a scary experience, we were almost abducted by a group of guys wearing Halloween masks at a local coffee shop parking lot. We’d just pulled into our space when I noticed something didn’t seem right with a group of guys hanging out the back of a truck. They came running to our car saying “you are going to party with us tonight”. I held my passenger car door shut while one of the guys was pulling it open, it did not lock. Fortunately, we started the car just in-time to narrowly escape what could have been an unfortunate tale.

My friend and I then lost touch after I moved to Maui. Several years had past when we found each other on Facebook, oh the joys of Facebook! She and I had made plans to see each other on her most recent trip to Hawaii. So, we’ve re-connected again after many years and I felt just at home staying with her and her mom for the night. I’m excited for our next visit!

I’ve been photographing the beauty in everyday life. These are some images from my stay on the Big Island.