First Look, Groom Sees Bride For The First Time

Some couples decide to have a “first look” before their wedding ceremony. Usually, this is done in a private area, away from guests, and is an intimate moment shared just between the bride and groom. I absolutely love photographing these first look moments, especially when a groom sees his bride for the first time.

I love how Gigi and Jesse [above] chose to do a first look prior to their ceremony. I noticed they were more relaxed after seeing each other. They seemed to enjoy spending some alone time together—with no distractions.


First Look

Most of my grooms see their bride for the first time walking down the isle. I pay close attention to the groom because I know he will have a spontaneous reaction.



Frank and Ethan, both felt very emotional seeing their brides for the first time. I loved capturing their real, spontaneous emotion.