Good Old Film Days

I have a couple boxes full of rolls and sleeve’s of film. These images are the only scans I have of my film days. They were all taken before 2001, back when I was studying at Cuyahoga Community college. Most were taken for fun and a couple are assignments. I just loved the beginning of my love affair with photography. I shot without expectations and felt very free. I didn’t care if anybody like my pictures or if they fit into a cretin standard or even if I got an “A”, I just wanted to create something, maybe even art. I experimented, played and didn’t follow the rules of photography. Heck, I didn’t even follow what other people were doing in photography, I just did me.

To this day, my favorite photos I’ve ever taken have been on film. When you have a roll of film with 12 shots, every image must count. I thought about composition, lighting, mood, focused only manually, of course everything was manual, and took my sweet time. Now, I shoot only digital, work fast, auto focus, have thousands of images, spend most of my time in front of the computer. It has not been an easy transition for me switching to digital and I still hang on to my past, hoping one day, I will shoot like I once did, without reservations.