IamA Wedding Photographer in Maui AMA!

What sort of portraiture locations on Maui would you recommend for those picture perfect south pacific backgrounds?

I’d have to say both Po’olenalena Beach for sunset and Baldwin Beach by day/mornings.

  • Po’olenalena Beach because of the greenery, long stretch of beach, lava rocks, and it’s the perfect angle for a golden sunset.
  • Baldwin Beach because of the vibrant colors in the mornings and long stretch of white sands.

Thanks for asking!

How is the cost of living in Hawaii? Does your profession allow you to live comfortably?

This is a good one! It really feels like everything evens out. There’s a lot of competition for photography here in Maui- but then again, there’s enough work to go around. The cost of living, sure it’s high, but the leisurely activities are often free. Just last night, after a shoot and with my boyfriend, we happened upon Willie K playing a show out in the open. Good times were had- I’d call that comfort- but I sure would love a new wardrobe!

That’s awesome! That’s what life is all about.

Do many couples from mainland and/or other countries come to Maui for a wedding? Or are your clients mostly locals?

Also, Canon or Nikon?

Probably 90% of my couples come from either the mainland (US) or Canada. A small percentage come from European countries.


Thanks for your reply!

What made you start photography?

I’ve always had an interest in photography- especially since high school. My best friend and I would dress up and model for each other and shoot photos in rustic settings around Maui. I’ve always been more interested in the art aspect of photography. Being a professional photographer felt like a natural career choice.

What are the most unique/creative ideas that couples (not you) have come up with for their pictures?

Actually, I had a shoot last night that I thought was very creative. The groom, upon precession, picked up his bride over his shoulders and put one hand up as if to say “I conquered”.

My ex-fiancée proposed to me under 3 water falls on the road to Hana. His family captured the pictures and they were great – your photography is amazing. Although the relationship did not work out, I have such a wonderful memory. What a beautiful thing you do for others!

That sounds like such a romantic proposal! Hana is one of my favorite places. Thank you for your compliments. I really do love being there to capture those moments; especially the moments that happen naturally and spontaneously. Warmest Aloha!

Have you ever done any celebrity weddings?

Well, kind of- The drummer of a band I can’t mention and some pro-sports players. Nobody I would say is a “celebrity”.

What bad wedding photo pose cliches have you seen come and go?

Definitely the Forced-Perspective photos. They’re fun, but not my style.

Nice to see a fellow photographer here in this subreddit!

What is the best way to advertise your services, except word of mouth from earlier customers?

How do you let the couple pick the portraits and other photos after the wedding day?


Advertising is a tricky area because it’s so competitive here on Maui. Also since many clients come from elsewhere, advertising locally doesn’t work. Here’s my list by order of importance.

  • Building relationships with vendors (wedding coordinators / planners)
  • Networking (meetups and groups)
  • Second-shooting (working with fellow photographers)
  • Establishing relationships with peers (over-booked photographers will refer me).

My couples pick their photos with an online preview gallery that I share with them. They are able to pick photos for retouching (which is offered with my packages). I also send them a USB with all their Hi-res photos.

Thanks for your answer!



Probably quite a bit on Oahu. I don’t know the stats exactly, but I believe Waikiki is a popular destination for Japanese weddings.

What’s the strangest request you’ve received from a couple?

Being asked not to photograph people that crash the wedding.

Makes sense. I wouldn’t want strangers in my wedding album. Did they give you any ideas about how to identify wedding crashers though? I can imagine that being a nightmare for a photographer to try to sort out.

How difficult is it shooting in such horrible lighting all the time? I mean all that natural sun light all the time, must be rough 😉 Jk. Good on you, your portfolio looks great.

Thank you. This is why I like shooting an hour before sunset time or at about 8:30 in morning.

Has there ever been a couple that you immediately thought “This will end in divorce”? What made you think that?

Well there was one couple- rumor has it, it did end in divorce after two years. Every time I asked the bride and groom to kiss, the bride seemed reluctant to kiss her groom.