Impromptu Photo Shoot: Chloe

20 Minutes of Golden Light On this day, I remember feeling particularly inspired. I had the sudden urge to take a beautiful portrait and I only had 20 minutes left of sunshine. Chloe was available on a moments notice and everything fell into place flawlessly. Her living room had a large window with golden light shining in — it was the perfect setting. It was Chloe’s idea to bring her pet bird into the pictures with her. This was the second time I had photographed Chloe and I was pleasantly surprised by her natural ability in front of the camera. The fact that we were in her living room may have contributed to her comfort level.

Where does inspiration come from?

For me, inspiration comes in a few different forms — like a feeling from within. Sometimes I see the beautiful light or a beautiful setting. From there, I draw inspiration from the people near me and look to capture something candid and personal about them. When inspired, sometimes all it takes is 20 minutes to create something beautiful.