My Mother: Connie Prince, the Artist, Dreamer and Inventor

I’ve been thinking about my story and how I came to be a photographer. My story begins with my artist mother, she taught me to appreciate and love all forms of art work. As a child, I first started with drawing and painting, then in high school, I had a taste of photography and instantly realized this was my medium. Since then, I’ve been on a photographic journey and appreciating every moment.

My mother, encouraged her four children to be individuals and expressive through artwork. To this day, I create photography because it is my passion, form of expression and love. I will create photographs until the day I die!

My photographs, whether pictures of an old rusty sink, a couple sharing an intimate moment, a woman confident in her skin or not, my self-portrait and family all share one thing, my heart and soul.

I promise myself, to keep shooting, creating and expressing through my chosen medium, photography.