Q&A with Sasha Prince Photography

What got you started in the photography business in Hawaii?

I first started working under another photographer who specialized in weddings. It was kind of a natural progression from working with someone to starting my own business. I built up my knowledge working under someone else and learned the ins-and-outs of the wedding business.

How long have you been shooting in Hawaii?



I’ve been shooting [professionally] since 2004. I started second shooting for other photographers, weddings, where I developed my eye and learned how to refine my exposure and [other] photographic techniques. I found that I was really great at capturing just the right moments.

Did you plan on being a wedding photographer when you got your education in photography?

No. I really just thought I would photograph people in general. That was my main interest — purely something I thought I would just do for myself.

Do you still have an interest in photojournalism with people in general?

I would say I have an interest in photographing a wedding in that style, but I wouldn’t say I have an interest in photojournalism professionally.

What’s the most importing thing you’ve learned about your profession thus far?

I think the most import thing that I’ve learned thus far is to really maintain strong relationships with vendors and my peer group. Sometimes we may need to call on each other for help — looking for second shooters or referring people.

Do all the same rules apply when shooting for couples, such as engagements, as opposed to weddings?

Usually an engagement session is more relaxed and the couple is able to come into the session with a more casual approach. On the day of the wedding, you’re busier and usually have only 10-15 minutes for portraits. Things tend to feel a bit more rushed with a wedding. Larger weddings that is. Beach weddings I have more time with my couples.

That’s it. I’m going to the beach!