Surprise Engagements & Proposals

A marriage proposal is a very special moment. Many may plan for months, picturing the right scenario, and searching for the perfect ring. They imagine what they are going to say, and where they are going to make everything happen. Proposing is a big deal, so they’ll want to make this moment an unforgettable one. A photograph of the amazed face of your future husband or wife is a memory you may want to keep — especially the look on their face when you finally pop the question.

Many have considered surprise proposals, but didn’t consider hiring a photographer to capturetheir proposal — and wish they had. A photographer is great investment! Your photographer will understand what to do and how to lay low. Your photographer will take photos before the moment occurs and during your proposal — in stealth mode. Then they’ll appear for portraits when you give the green light. These pictures will be amazing memories the both of you will love!

After the anxiety and nervousness wears off, the two of you can have fun and spend time together in a beautiful setting — a beach in Maui perhaps where you proposed. For some, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it will have a big emotional impact in your life.

You don’t have to be an experienced event planner to make such a thing possible. In fact, you may want your proposal to be a simple retreat. A reliable photographer, the ring, and a good plan is all you really need. This is often the case for beach proposals here in Hawaii.

Need some help picking the spot? Your photographer has your back. Most local photographers will know great places and may have ideas to contribute as well.

Perhaps you’ll use one of your photographs to announce your engagement!

A surprise engagement can be fun and spiced with reactions that are candid. Having said that, I wish you all the luck in the world. Don’t forget to take photos, because they will make a great album for the future. You’ll be able to share your story by displaying unique pictures of the moment you proposed.