The Impact of Modern Photography

Photography is an immense part of our lives, even if we are not aware of it. It is the reason mobile phones developed such performant cameras, and the reason the frontal camera appeared on them. We make selfies, take pictures of everything we do, eat, drink or see, to share it on our social networks. Capturing images has become one of the most important practices of this modern century. Each one of us is a small photographer, with every photo we capture, regardless of means and purposes. But still, a professional photographer will always know how to use their camera and how to put people first, always. Excellent quality photography can make a difference, immortalizing each moment in a way you never thought was possible.

Why photography is important

Photography represents the eyes that never die. It can capture some of our dearest moments, memories, experiences and more. We tend to forget some of the things we’ve been through, but a photo can bring all those memories back and fresh like they happened yesterday. Awesome places, scenes, people, everything can be put away safely, protected by the passing of time, with the help of photography. We need it to keep our memories alive. Whether we find someone talented to handle the camera for us, or we try to acquire the basics regarding photography, in any way it is essential to have it present in your life. Just look at the photo of your first day of school, the first time you went to a beach, or the photo with your first love. Your life wouldn’t be as rich without these memories, and photography will help them be preserved.

Why photography is art

Everybody lives with the impression that taking a picture is nothing sophisticated. You just aim and press a button. But when you look at those pictures you may notice they are blurred or out of focus. After a few tries you realize that photography is not that easy, regardless if you have the most performant camera or not. Photography is more than that. It is true art, and a real photographer will know this. When you look at a great photo you may have a feeling that you are in the picture. It is the personality and sensation created by capturing that perfect moment that stays with us. A photo well-taken can transmit emotions, states and thoughts — just like a painting.

Why photography is awesome

Photography is awesome because it keeps our experiences and memories alive. But it is also amazing because it can capture the things you are not paying attention to, or it can underline the most important aspects in a moment. It can show surprising features in a person, portraying his or her personality, or it can capture the intimacy between a couple. It can also catch superb moments or nature manifesting itself, moments most of us did not think that they existed. Photography can capture the pulse of a moment and pass it into eternity. A photo album can be just like a book, without written words, but with images that speak more than words can do.

Sasha Prince, Maui Photographers